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Don’t Stop!


Our Stop Bullying campaign started today.  As I drove around town it was great to see all the tags.  I can’t wait to get out and find more.  I don’t think we hit 1000 yet though, so let’s keep Storming!

Keep out the orange yarn and let your voice be heard.  Let’s see if we can get to 1000 before the Winter school break.

Tell your friends, have a party, talk to your PTA president…..whatever it takes.

But keep Storming!


Stop Bullying and ThanksKnitting


It’s been a pretty crazy week here, and all I can say is “TGIK” – “Thank God I Knit”.  I don’t know about you, but for me knitting and crocheting are my therapy.  My mind stills, my hands are busy, I get to focus but not think too hard.  It’s an active meditation that I am dependent on. Better than a drink and less fattening then chocolate.  My own personal healthy addiction.

I am thankful to have it as a skill. Grateful to my mother for teaching knitting to me when I was young, grateful to my friend for dragging me to a crochet class, grateful to live in a community where there is a group of women/men/gallery owners who support fiber arts and are willing to come together as a voice.

I hope to see you on the streets tomorrow night (Sunday, November 21) with your work in hand, tagging stop signs, school trees, sign posts…..(whatever your orange swatches will fit around) to let our community know that we Yarnstormers won’t sit by while bullying in our schools continues.

Then I hope to see you again on Tuesday night, November 23, 8pm, starting at the South Orange clock in Spiotta Park. We will gather round the clock towers and celebrate ThanksKnitting.  Bring colorful creations and we will exchange the wonderful Mischief Knit work for new work celebrating this Thankful Season.

Lots of News


We have lots of new plans, so bring out the yarn and get ready.
First we decided that we will refer to our work as “Yarnstorming”. Much less threatening with the world as it is today. Lots of other names were suggested, but since many of us crochet, weave or even wrap, we are sticking to a name that contains the word Yarn.

South Orange and Maplewood Yarnstormers say Stop Bullying!!!
Join us on November 21 for a two town wide yarn action to say Stop Bullying.
Grab your yarn, and your kids and spread the word.
Here’s how:
*knit, crochet or wrap as many stop sign posts as possible with a 4 x 8 inch swatch of yellow or orange yarn.
*attach a note that expresses any thoughts you have or just the words Stop Bullying.
*we recommend you bring extra yarn or pipe cleaners to attach the swatch to the poles.
*do this anytime on Sunday or Sunday night.
*pass this along to as many friends as possible.
Our goal: 1,000 Stop Signs.


Tuesday, November 23
8 pm
Let’s switch out our Mischief Knit work for ThanksKnitting. We’ll meet at 8 starting at the South Orange clock then move on to Maplewood and Springfield Avenue. We’ll take down the incredible work from our last yarnstorm and replace it with work celebrating the fall, thanksgiving, harvest……….or whatever you choose. Another fun night for all. Bring your pieces, pipe cleaners, kids, flashlights and cameras.

Next Rebel Meeting



Maplewood Clock

Our first success

Hi Everyone,

Sorry for such quick notice, but we’re scheduling another meeting.

Sunday, November 7 at 7pm.

G.A.S. Gallery

411 Ridgewood Road

Maplewood, NJ


We’ll be celebrating the success of our first project and discussing what’s up next (ThanksKnitting, The Giving Tree…….}.  Bring your ideas, spare yarn to swap, interested friends and children.

It’s yarn season so let’s gear up for a great showing!

P.S.  Rumor has it that there have been some tags around town.

Send me the pictures of your projects so I can post them to Flickr and our Blog.