Lots of News


We have lots of new plans, so bring out the yarn and get ready.
First we decided that we will refer to our work as “Yarnstorming”. Much less threatening with the world as it is today. Lots of other names were suggested, but since many of us crochet, weave or even wrap, we are sticking to a name that contains the word Yarn.

South Orange and Maplewood Yarnstormers say Stop Bullying!!!
Join us on November 21 for a two town wide yarn action to say Stop Bullying.
Grab your yarn, and your kids and spread the word.
Here’s how:
*knit, crochet or wrap as many stop sign posts as possible with a 4 x 8 inch swatch of yellow or orange yarn.
*attach a note that expresses any thoughts you have or just the words Stop Bullying.
*we recommend you bring extra yarn or pipe cleaners to attach the swatch to the poles.
*do this anytime on Sunday or Sunday night.
*pass this along to as many friends as possible.
Our goal: 1,000 Stop Signs.


Tuesday, November 23
8 pm
Let’s switch out our Mischief Knit work for ThanksKnitting. We’ll meet at 8 starting at the South Orange clock then move on to Maplewood and Springfield Avenue. We’ll take down the incredible work from our last yarnstorm and replace it with work celebrating the fall, thanksgiving, harvest……….or whatever you choose. Another fun night for all. Bring your pieces, pipe cleaners, kids, flashlights and cameras.


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