Don’t Stop!


Our Stop Bullying campaign started today.  As I drove around town it was great to see all the tags.  I can’t wait to get out and find more.  I don’t think we hit 1000 yet though, so let’s keep Storming!

Keep out the orange yarn and let your voice be heard.  Let’s see if we can get to 1000 before the Winter school break.

Tell your friends, have a party, talk to your PTA president…..whatever it takes.

But keep Storming!


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  1. I put up my swatches last night with my children. I didn’t see any other’s, until I drove around and saw some up by Seth Boyden, it brought a tear to my eye. I then drove over to Tuscan, and saw even more! I am so excited that people got
    out and did this.

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