It’s time for a Spring Storm!



I don’t know about you, but I’m about finished with winter.  I’ve done my sledding, drank my hot chocolate and worn all my comfy sweaters.  Time for some fresh spring air and the beautiful colors that it brings.  But sadly, it’s still February and the odds are that there’s at least another snow storm out there coming our way.  So to help Spring along a bit, I’m including some of my favorite flower patterns.  If the flowers aren’t ready to come out themselves, perhaps we could help them along with a few knitted or crocheted inspirations placed around town.  I hope you decide to join in! – a quick and easy daffodil pattern-crochet – a beautiful flower square-crochet – the perfect rose-knit daisy-crochet – crochet butterflies -Percy the pigeon (who could easily be turned into a robin and is part of a great UK website against bullying!)-knit


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  1. As I strolled down south orange avenue , my daughter and I noticed a tree beatifully covered with knit. it also had contact information to view this websit. THE KNIT ART WORK IS ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL! I wanted to know wether someone was interested and making a knitt dress for me, for a special ocassion? If so please contact Kay at . Thanks

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