Art Studio Tour here we come!


Hi Everyone,

We had a great meeting last night.  Thanks to those of you who were able to make it.
We are going forward with our plans for Yarnstorming Spiotta Park for the June 3rd Artists Studio Tour.  If you know anyone who would be interested please pass on the information.
We are asking those involved to knit or crochet swatches.  Any size and in bright colors.  The more pieces we have, the more we can cover the park. There are trees, poles, rocks, trash cans and bike racks that need yarnstorming.  Be creative! If you are more experienced, let your imagination run wild.  We can hang birds, pom poms, fairies or anything else you can create.  This will be the childrens stop on the Studio Tour so we’re hoping to make it look magical.
The Baird center has opened its doors to us every Wednesday night at 7 through May.  We can meet there each Wednesday (or when you can make it) to check on our progress, share ideas and sew the pieces together as we go.
Let’s go!

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  1. So excited! Thinking bunnies and birds….
    Thanks to the Baird for allowing us to meet there and thanks to Wooly Momma for organizing!

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