CommuKnitty Success!


What an amazing two days we had preparing and celebrating the Artists Studio Tour. Spiotta Park in downtown South Orange was covered in yarn! There were flower gardens, floating fairies, a parade of butterflies and so much more. My thanks to everyone who made is such a special day. To all of you who took part in the yarnstorm by contributing pieces of your work and to those who showed up to appreciate it and even take the opportunity to learn a new craft. It left us all with a deeper sense of Community.

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Yarnstorming Update


We are meeting on Wednesday nites at 7 at the Baird Center in South Orange.
We will be there through May working on our Spiotta Park yarnstorm for the Artists Studio Tour on June 3.

Please feel free to join us or drop off your work for us to use.

We are accepting swatches of any size, color or shape.

Everything will be used for this project.

Art Studio Tour here we come!


Hi Everyone,

We had a great meeting last night.  Thanks to those of you who were able to make it.
We are going forward with our plans for Yarnstorming Spiotta Park for the June 3rd Artists Studio Tour.  If you know anyone who would be interested please pass on the information.
We are asking those involved to knit or crochet swatches.  Any size and in bright colors.  The more pieces we have, the more we can cover the park. There are trees, poles, rocks, trash cans and bike racks that need yarnstorming.  Be creative! If you are more experienced, let your imagination run wild.  We can hang birds, pom poms, fairies or anything else you can create.  This will be the childrens stop on the Studio Tour so we’re hoping to make it look magical.
The Baird center has opened its doors to us every Wednesday night at 7 through May.  We can meet there each Wednesday (or when you can make it) to check on our progress, share ideas and sew the pieces together as we go.
Let’s go!

Yarnstorming for the Artist Studio Tour 2012

Calling all Knitters/Crocheters/Fiber Artists
It’s our turn to shine at the South Orange/Maplewood Artist Studio Tour
June 3, 2012
We will be Yarnstorming Spiotta Park in Downtown South Orange
All ages and levels of experience are welcome and encouraged to join in.
This is a Collaborative Community Art Project
The more that join in the more fun we’ll have.
Join me for the initial meeting where you can learn more about Yarnstorming and our plans for the Park.
March 14th
7 pm
The Baird Center
Second Floor
5 Mead Street
South Orange, NJ

Yarnstorming with Pride!


Gina tying one on...

I am blessed to live in an incredibly diverse area.  That’s one of the main reasons my husband and I chose to live here and raise our daughter here.   We have friends and neighbors of all shapes, sizes, colors and lifestyles!

This year Maplewood had its first LGBT Pride Celebration.  It happened to be held the same day New York legalized same sex marriage.  What cause for celebration!  And what’s a celebration without a little yarnstorming.

My friend Gina knit wildy while her partner Alyssa bravely climbed a tree to hang our first ever Yarnstorm with Pride.

Alyssa up a tree..

Thanks to Maplewood Patch for a little news coverage