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Maplewoodstock this Weekend!


If you’re in the Maplewood, NJ area this weekend, don’t miss Maplewoodstock!

Rebel Yarns will have it’s own shady spot underneath a tree at the top of the hill.  Just look for the Rebel Yarns banner. We’ll be there both Saturday and Sunday from 12-6. Bring your folding chair, lots of water (or your favorite beverage) and your knitting needles or crochet hooks. We’ll be knitting and crocheting all weekend to cover the currently bare tree we will all be sitting under.

If you don’t know how to knit or crochet, no problem.  We have plenty of spare needles and hooks and someone there will be happy to teach you.

Many thanks to Meera at Knitknack for sponsoring our booth this weekend.  She’s donated a huge bag of yarn for us to use. So stop by and visit us.

I’m looking forward to a great weekend of music, yarn and fun!


Lots to do!


Okay, get your crochet hooks and knitting needles out. We’ve got lots of work to do and it begins this weekend with Mothers Day.

Happy Mothers Day

Why not celebrate your mother with a little yarnstorming?
My mother taught me how to knit 47 years ago. Sadly, she’s not here to help me teach my daughter, but we’ve chosen to celebrate her this year with a tag on the clocktower in South Orange. If you are so inclined, why not add your own tag, or yarnstorm another location. If you don’t have the time, just add a written note to this piece. That’s what my daughter and I will be doing on Sunday. Use a paper clip and just add it on. A wish, a blessing a thank you to Mom.

The following week it gets even busier with Mayfest on Springfield Avenue  and the beginning of Bike to Work Week both on Sunday May 15th.

Beginning with Mayfest on Springfield Avenue from 11-5, head right over to KnitKnack at 1914 Springfield Avenue.  It will be a yarnlovers paradise that day.  Don’t forget to bring a swatch to add to the bench or tree outside the store.  Throughout the day, we will be covering them both with our work.  They should be incredible by the end of the day.

Then have a seat and join Seth Boyden parent Leah White who will be giving knitting lessons.  Join the knitting circle and refine your technique by working on a swatch.  If you want you can just turn around and add that swatch to the many others that will be covering the tree and bench.

Then head inside Knitknack and get your free ball of Cascade Fixation along with your newborn cap pattern.  All year long these knitted caps are donated to local hospitals.  Good Knitting Karma!

Then you can stop by and see me.  I’ll be there from 11-1 giving “knitters massage”.  Arm, hand and neck massage so you can get back to working on your next project painlessly.  All proceeds from the massage will be donated to the American Cancer Society as well as a portion of Knitknack sales for the day.

And if that’s not enough for  one day, it’s also the beginning of Bike to Work week. Check out this empty bike rack.

Looks pretty bland right? Could use a bit of color and texture to remind everyone to get on their bikes to get to work. Help save on gas, get some exercise, be a good example for your kids and have some fun.

Now check out these bike racks…..

See how much more inviting it can be with a little yarnwork.  Doesn’t need much.  Just take some scraps you have around the house and knit/crochet a small block.  Most bike racks have an 8″inch circumference.  Let’s see how many we can do in South Orange and Maplewood to support Bike to Work Week!

Then comes Saturday June 11th.  There are two big celebrations going on that day.  The first is International Yarnbombing Day. How great that it happens to fall on the same day as Celebrate South Orange!  Just think of the possibilities.  And we have over a month to prepare for them both.  So start thinking of projects you’d like to do.  Get your friends together and collaborate or be a yarnstorming ninja and head out alone in the middle of the night.

To help get ready Knitknack is hosting a Knit Night.  Wednesday, June 1 at 6:30.  Come, sit, knit and chat.  Let’s see how much we can get ready for International Yarnbombingday.

Now I’m going to ask for your help with a little project I’d like to do for Celebrate South Orange.  

My plan is to have a wall of oranges.  Knit-crochet-any size—–just as long as they are orange!  We will spend the week before Celebrate South Orange attaching and hanging them so that the wall will be ready in time for the celebration.  Any and all oranges are welcome.  It’s a community effort, so please join in!  I’ll let you know later where and when to drop them off, but just start making them.

Okay,   that’s enough for now.  Hope this sparks some ideas.  Please let me know if you have any questions or special projects you’d like to work on.  I can’t wait to see it all!

Spring is here!


At least in South Orange, NJ.

I was finally able to replace our poor winterworn snowgirl.

She made it through what seemed to be the longest and toughest winter in many a year.

She was  buried in numerous snowdrifts, lost two hats and now rests in my garage

until next year when hopefully she will have other snowpeople that join her.

She was replaced with this larger than life daffodil.

My hope is always to do more than one, but by the time I’m finished, one seems more than enough.

I was able to get it on just as the real daffodils are opening.

Now I need to figure out what to do for summer.

Any ideas?


International Yarnbombing Day is just around the corner.

June 11, 2011

Start thinking of projects/colors/sites.

It will be here before we know it.

Lots of News


We have lots of new plans, so bring out the yarn and get ready.
First we decided that we will refer to our work as “Yarnstorming”. Much less threatening with the world as it is today. Lots of other names were suggested, but since many of us crochet, weave or even wrap, we are sticking to a name that contains the word Yarn.

South Orange and Maplewood Yarnstormers say Stop Bullying!!!
Join us on November 21 for a two town wide yarn action to say Stop Bullying.
Grab your yarn, and your kids and spread the word.
Here’s how:
*knit, crochet or wrap as many stop sign posts as possible with a 4 x 8 inch swatch of yellow or orange yarn.
*attach a note that expresses any thoughts you have or just the words Stop Bullying.
*we recommend you bring extra yarn or pipe cleaners to attach the swatch to the poles.
*do this anytime on Sunday or Sunday night.
*pass this along to as many friends as possible.
Our goal: 1,000 Stop Signs.


Tuesday, November 23
8 pm
Let’s switch out our Mischief Knit work for ThanksKnitting. We’ll meet at 8 starting at the South Orange clock then move on to Maplewood and Springfield Avenue. We’ll take down the incredible work from our last yarnstorm and replace it with work celebrating the fall, thanksgiving, harvest……….or whatever you choose. Another fun night for all. Bring your pieces, pipe cleaners, kids, flashlights and cameras.

Welcome to Yarn Bombing!


Hello South Orange and Maplewood.  Are you ready for a community art action?  Meet us for the kickoff meeting of our Rebel Yarns event. October 5th at the Gas Gallery and Studio at 411 Ridgewood Avenue in Maplewood.  Learn about yarnbombing and how you can become a part of this community project.  For a preview of what yarnbombing is you can check out http://www.yarnbombing.com